Hear the Hoofbeat Horse Show raises money for therapeutic riding

Tucked in a corner of the Virginia Horse Center, the Hear the Hoofbeat Horse Show shuttled in many riders for their first shows for the Western portion of the open show Sunday afternoon, while experienced riders also took to the arena to raise money for the Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

The Western classes begin at 1 p.m. at the Hear the Hoofbeat series in the Northern Arena. Unfortunately, that meant the hot summer day was at its most unforgiving when Western riders began their classes. But there were plenty of hardy riders willing to put on their hats, and a few their chaps, although generally it was more casual than that. I was able to stay only for a short while as the Western classes got underway.

The show generally ran smoothly, although a separate exit gate would have served them well as congestion at the in-gate caused some problems.

The show was sanctioned by the Blue Ridge Horse Force, Franklin County Equestrian Club and was a 4-H qualifying horse show. Ben Nicely was the judge.

The next Hear the Hoofbeats horse show will be held Sept. 6 at the horse center.

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