Ranch horse market appears healthy at Great American Trail Horse Sale

Shez Available won the $2,000 trail horse competition but did not reach the reserve required
to buy her during the sale.

The Great American Trail Horse Sale showed the demand for well-broke, working horses is high with several bidders topping $8,000 to get the horse they were dreaming of at the sale. While the winner of the $2,000 obstacle course competition, Shez Available, turned out to not be quite so easy to get; although bidding reached $13,000, the reserve was not met for the 2011 sorrel mare.

Champs Leo Starlight, a 2010 AQHA dun gelding
sold for $17,500.

Horses that had training in reining or ranch horse classes seemed to go for the highest prices. Mr. Hickory’s Starlight, a 2007 sorrel AQHA gelding who placed fourth at the Region 10 Championships in Reining sold for $11,000. Champs Leo Starlight, a 2010 Dun Gelding with experience as a ranch horse and in ranch horse competition sold for $17,500. Stock-type horses seemed to sell better than the gaited ones. A 2009 sorrel molly mule sold for $8,600.

Not all sold for such high prices. For the time I was there I also saw a few horses go for less than $1,000 and a well-broke 13 hand pony went for $2,200. There were definitely horses for different tastes, riding ability and uses. For the most part I thought the prices were high, although it’s great to see that well-broke comes at a price. All the more incentive to invest in training for horses to ensure their future and value.

Stardust, a 2008 crossbred mare, who rides and drives sold for $5,000.

Phil Emmett, one of the ringmen, works to spot bids during the sale.
Hey What Ya Doing, a 2008 AQHA buckskin gelding, sold for $5,500 at the sale.


Below is a video of the trail class winner, Shez Available, being bid on during the auction.


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