Great American Trail Horses hit obstacle course before auction [PHOTOS]

One of the sale horses steps up onto the wooden bridge.

The Great American Trail Horse Sale kicked off Friday night with what amounts to a demo of sale horses that goes above and beyond any demonstration ever given before a horse auction.

Horses were pitted against a variety of obstacles in the Virginia Horse Center Coliseum just moments after the announcer touted each horse’s various attributes. Talk about walking the walk. Nothing like talking about how well broke a horse is and how he’ll go anywhere as you face off against a wobbly wooden bridge with logs thrown across it as potential bidders look on. Get through that ok? Then a few obstacles later you’ll have to pass a campsite, complete with campfire and fake deer. Thankfully after you cross a path of fallen logs, you’ll find an outhouse to groundtie your mount outside as you go inside. Then, if your horse did indeed wait for you, you throw him on the horse trailer to close the course.

The Top 10 scores will come back at 9:30 a.m. Saturday to compete for $2,000 in prize money. After that, the horses will be auctioned off at noon.

These mules were part of the third obstacle.


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