The Magic of Creativity: Costumes at Cross View show brought imagination alive

Merlin’s Magical Apprentice won the Costume Class at Cross View’s Halloween Show on Oct. 31.

Some of them wore wigs. Some of them wore beards. And another wore whiskers.

Those key pieces of Halloween costumes weren’t found on the children walking door to door that night; they were found on the horses in Saturday, Oct. 31, at the Cross View Horse Show’s Costume Class at Green Hill Equestrian Park.

The details were the best part of each and every costume. Some made you laugh out loud as they walked by. One perfectly matched a horse’s name (Merlin’s Magical Apprentice) and another fit the costume to the animal (Shrek came dressed with a furry-eared donkey.)

The amount of imagination, creativity and plain work that goes into that class is quite impressive. Here are some photos from this year’s class. The wizard, Merlin’s Magical Apprentice, took first place, but all of the participants were truly winning entries.


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