Elizabeth Bailey of Roanoke wins VHSA Championship on the Flat

Elizabeth Bailey takes her victory lap.

Elizabeth Bailey of Roanoke outlasted a class of 24 to win the VHSA Championship on the Flat on Saturday evening at the Virginia Horse Center.

The large class was put through several gaits in each direction including extension of both the trot and the canter.  The class was also split in half to perform a counter-canter in each direction.

The top nine riders were asked to take the rail and given additional testing as the judges’ whittled the class to its top rider. By the time the riders were asked to drop their irons, only two riders were left. At the working trot, sitting, reserve champion Mary Elizabeth Cordia, was invited to come to the center, leaving just Bailey on the rail.

The Top 3 (from left) Selina Peronelli, or Churchville, Maryland, Mary Elizabeth Cordia,
of Alexandria, Va., and Elizabeth Bailey, of Roanoke.
Elizabeth Bailey of Roanoke


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