Roanoke Valley Horse Show underway in Salem, Va.

The Roanoke Valley Horse show kicked off Monday in Salem, Va., and will continue this week at the Salem Civic Center. Featuring hunter, jumpers, some Western classes and gaited classes, the show is a highlight of the summer in Virginia since 1972 and is rated AA — the highest level of competition in the USEF.

Tickets are required after 6 p.m. and cost $16 a night for an adult. A superpass for 3 nights can also be purchased for $17.50. However, the afternoons are free and still feature great competition, although the outdoor arenas feature limited seating. The indoor arena, however, is air conditioned and a great place to escape the June heat for the afternoon. If you can only attend one night, make it Saturday for the $50,000 Grand Prix of Roanoke, and watch out for Aaron Vale who is always one of the top riders in the event.

The show kicked off Monday night with Western pleasure, Barrel Racing and Racking classes, plus a reining demonstration that occurs on several nights. This night is typically light on participants with only a few in each class, yet the crowd is still enthusiastic. The barrel racing captures the speed-lovers’ hearts. However the arena appears to be very slick and it hinders the runners quite a bit and many of the horses struggle for their footing during their runs.

Tuesday night will feature the Welcome Jumper Stake plus more barrel racing and some Saddlebred classes. Arabians will also be featured. For those who want to make a day of it, below is the schedule for the rest of the day, which again is free to attend.

Also, for more, read this story about a RVHS veteran who has made horses his life and TV coverage of the show’s kickoff.

Tuesday 7:30 am – Coliseum

212 Reg. Conformation Model
201 Green Conformation Model
377 Open Warm Up
202 Green Conformation O/F
203 Green Conformation O/F
206 Green Conformation U/S
218 1st Year Green Working
219 1st Year Green Working
222 1st Year Green Working U/S
223 2nd Year Green Working
224 2nd Year Green Working
227 2nd Year Green Working U/S
207 HP Working O/F
208 HP Working O/F
211 HP Working U/S
213 Regular Conformation O/F
214 Regular Conformation O/F
217 Regular Conformation U/S
643 3’3” PWH O/F
644 3’3” PWH O/F
648 3’6” & 3’9” PWH O/F
649 3’6” & 3’9” PWH O/F
Course Change
533 $250 Jumper II2b (1.15m)
530 $500 Jumper II2b (1.25m)
540 $1,000 Jumper II2b (1.30m)
6:00 pm
580 $7,500 Welcome Jumper Stake
II2b (1.35m)
Tuesday 8:00am –
Hollins Ring
378 Baby Green O/F 2’6”
379 Baby Green O/F
380 Baby Green U/S
315 Schooling Hunter 3’
316 Schooling Hunter
306 Pre-Green Hunter 3’
307 Pre-Green Hunter
325 Open Hunter 3’3”
326 Open Hunter
311 Pre-Green Hunter 3’
312 Pre-Green Hunter
327 Open Hunter U/S
313 Pre-Green Hunter 3’3” U/S
384 Tinker Mt. Hunter 2’6” O/F
385 Tinker Mt. Hunter O/F
386 Tinker Mt. Hunter U/S
387 Shenandoah Hunter 2’9” O/F
388 Shenandoah Hunter O/F
389 Shenandoah Hunter U/S
Tuesday 8:30am –
VA Tech Ring
501 Low Training Jumper (.75m)
Clear Blue
564 Modified Training Jumper
(.85m) Clear Blue
505 High Training Jumper II (.95m)
Clear Blue
508 Low Schooling Jumper II2b
Clear Blue
511 High Schooling Jumper II2b
561 Low Child/Adult Am Jumper
II2b (1.00m)
520 $250 Jumper II2b (1.15m)
523 Modified Jr/Am Jumper II2b

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