Twin foals born at Penn State

PSU Shadows Bonita, a 7 year old AQHA mare, gave birth Saturday, April 20, to twin bay foals at Penn State. This was her second pregnancy. The foals, a colt and a filly, are by the university’s stallion PSU Dynamic Krymsun (One Hot Krymsun). Both are healthy and doing well.

While some view allowing twins to be born as poor breeding management, Brian Egan, an instructor in Equine Science and Penn State Horse Farm coordinator, said “PSU has been breeding Quarter Horses for over 50 years and have had two sets of twins during that time while foaling between 15 and 20 mares per year. What needs to be considered is the work that our farm management staff put into the last 6 weeks since the mare started to act like she was going into early labor. During this time, the mare was maintained in foal and now she has delivered two live, healthy foals just 7 days short of her due date.”

Penn State is holding its annual quarter horse sale Saturday, April 27, at the university’s Snider Ag Arena. Bidding begins at 2 p.m. Eleven 2-year-olds and five yearlings will be sold.


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