Fashion doesn’t pass the horse sense test at Rolex

The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event first horse inspection appears to the equestrian fashion show portion of the event. (I love Buck Davidson’s red socks!) But after seeing the outfits that ranged from colorful to classic, I was taken aback by the footwear many of the women choose to wear as they ran down the drive next their equine partners fit to perfection.

The ladies turned to colorful scarfs and pants to standout against their horses. (Trust me, if women are involved, the clothes will suddenly be anything but simple.) But it was the open dress shoes that made my toes curl with the imaginings of shod hooves stamping down upon them. Horsemanship sticklers had to be cringing where ever they were that the elite athletes of equestrian sports were snubbing their noses at the basics of equestrian attire. Forget the helmet police that I have seen shame riders on even the quietest of old school horses that they should be wearing protection on their noggins, where are the shoe police enforcing proper attire during a competition as huge as the Rolex Three-Day Event?

And that wasn’t even the most surprising. Two of the women wore heels! I would be ass over teacups days before I ever set foot on the cross-country course if I tried such a trick.These aren’t exactly western pleasure horses jogging in front of the judges. While these animals are gorgeous, I’m left impressed by these ladies’ ability to gallop down the road next to them wearing these:

Moving away from the shoes, color and classics dominated the field. Some things never go out of style, and in the end, it’s the horse that mattered.

Good luck to all the competitors as dressage gets underway tomorrow, Thursday, April 25. Everyone be safe and get home as sound as you were today in the inspection.


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