Horses seized in Orange County neglect case seized again from different horse rescue

Six horses authorities say were mistreated and neglected at an Orange County farm last year were seized again this week from a different horse rescue due to poor conditions and care, Orange County authorities said Thursday.

Several horses seized from Peaceable Farm have been seized again by authorities after deputies received multiple complaints that the animals at New Beginnings Horse Rescue, a privately-owned facility in Aylett, Virginia, had little or no food and water.

New Beginnings Facebook Page

Anne Shumate Williams
Peaceable Farms owner Anne Williams

Orange County Commonwealth’s Attorney Diana O’Connell says six of the 42 horses seized had originally come from Peaceable Farm, where in October 2015, deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office led a raid where more than 100 horses and many cats and dogs were discovered. Anne Goland (aka Anne Shumate Williams) surrendered more than 80 horses, 28 cats, and 7 dogs over the course of a few days.

Eleven horses of those horses from Peaceable Farm were taken to New Beginnings.

“It is deeply discouraging that these horses have suffered abuse and lack of care again. Unfortunately, Orange County does not have jurisdiction over these animals,” wrote the sheriff’s office in a release. “We understand, and share, the deep concern and frustration of all those who are outraged at the suffering these horses have endured. The fact that the situation in King William County is strikingly similar to what occurred in Orange County last October underscore the reality that the lack of oversight, inspection and regulation of animal rescue facilities in Virginia limits the ability of local government to prevent, manage or budget for these situations.”

Virginia does have a Horse Industry Board, but its goals include “the promotion and economic development of the horse industry.” Other states’ boards, such as the Maryland Horse Industry Board, serve regulatory roles in addition to promoting the industry.

On Thursday, authorities charged Cassy Newell Reed, the owner of New Beginnings Horse Rescue, with three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Reed has been summoned to appear June 16 in King William General District Court for arraignment on the charges.



2 thoughts on “Horses seized in Orange County neglect case seized again from different horse rescue

  1. Who transported these horses to New Beginnings? Did it involve Ann Williams? If she was in on it, she should be charged for this latest abuse along with New Beginnings.


    1. It’s just a money racket. Want to pad their pockets – that’s all a rescue farm wants. They don’t care about the animals brought there.


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