Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue takes in 7 Franklin County horses

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The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue has taken in seven starving horses from Franklin County. On Feb. 25, staff from the horse rescue assisted Franklin County Animal Control to investigate a case of four to five neglected horses.

The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue says four mares and one colt were found in a field, emaciated with body scores of 1 to 2, with no access to water or hay.

The horse rescue said that after being told by the owner there were no other horses on the property, they continued to investigate and found two more horses — a stallion and a mini — locked in small stalls and left standing in wet manure. Those two horses also had no access to hay or water, the rescue said.

This photo was shared by Franklin County Animal Control on Facebook. This stallion was found locked in to a stall without food and water, the RVHR staff said. “Captain Hook” is believed to be a 15 year old thoroughbred.

The 7 horses were signed over to the county and removed immediately from the property and brought to the horse rescue for care.

The horses will be seen by a vet to be evaluated for any medical issues.

How you can help:

With the additional horses, the horse rescue is now caring for 62 horses.  If you like to help these horses these are the items that the horse rescue needs:

  • Grain – Sentinel feeds (LS and Senior) can be purchased at Tractor Supply in Rocky Mount (our contact is Trina at 540-334-1109) or Doc’s Feeds in Salem (Brett – 540-380-3433)
  • Hay – Bagged Timothy Alfalfa from Tractor Supply, Square Bales of hay
    Supplements- Corn Oil, Canned Corn, Canned Carrots, Applesauce and sugar cookies from any grocery food store.
  • Bedding – we use the cedar bedding which can be purchased at Walmart along with any bedding from Southern States or Tractor supply
  • Dewormers – 7 Strongid Paste, 7 Quest Gel, 7 Anthelcide EQ and 7 Safe-guard.
  • Blankets– 5 size 74 -76 and 1 size 70 we have one to fit the mini.
  • Tack items – 5 full size halter (4 mares, 1 stud) 1 Yearling halter and 1 pony halter.  7 additional hang on fence buckets, additional lead ropes.
  • Donations – For Information on how to make a monetary donations to help with the horses veterinary bills visit the rescue’s website at Donations can be made online. All donors who contribute to the care of these horses will have access to the rescue’s barn cam where the horses can be visited via the internet at any time for 30 days.  The instructions on how to use the webcams will be emailed to each donor.

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