Pine Spur Hunt Club Horse Show a lovely way to spend the evening

Pine Spur Hunt Club Horse Show

The first thing that strikes your attention at the Pine Spur Hunt Club showgrounds in Vinton is the natural stadium made by the hills around the arena. And the high-stepping horses that were exhibited Saturday night were certainly deserving the attention of the crowd that gathered on the hillside to watch them.

An evening show adds a bit of flair to the classes and the Pine Spur Hunt Club’s version did not disappoint. The classes had a nice variety, although they were geared to the gaited breeds. And the showgrounds is great for spectators. What a wonderful place to spread out a blanket and share a picnic dinner while watching the horses perform. There wasn’t so much as a wisp of dust near the seating area, and the view was excellent from anywhere on the hill. Many spectators sat in lawn chairs or laid on blankets. Others made use of the bleachers set into the hillside. Trees offered shade until the sun went down, and when it did the arena lights came on to add an some dramatic effect to the night. The spectators were very engaged with the action, not a bit shy about calling out their favorites to the judge and the atmosphere was fun and lively. You could feel how much this crowd loved the event and the horses being shown. 

After light attendance for the first group of classes, the break in the middle of the day was a little long for anyone that was showing in both the afternoon and evening, with several hours in the hot sun for those that stuck it through. But there was a tack consignment sale to browse, and that building was air conditioned and a great place to beat the heat while picking up something new (or getting rid of something old).

Rewarding a good job.

About 3:30-4 p.m. several large trailers started pulling in for those that were targeting just the evening classes. How nice it would be to have the early part of your day free and not have to show up at the showgrounds until evening! Evening shows should be the standard in the heat of Virginia summers.

It’s easy to see how the Pine Spur Hunt Club show has lasted 62 years in Vinton. Relaxed yet competitive, hopefully the show will be around for many more beautiful summer evenings and will continue to draw an appreciative crowd to its grounds.

Come back for more photos to be posted soon.

A lead liner on her part Draft pony.

A future rider confidently enters the Stick Horse Class.

A lead liner on her beautiful palomino Tennessee Walking Horse.

A lead liner’s pony decides to grab a quick snack after the class.

Draft horse classes were also popular at the show.


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