A real horse whisperer

The documentary film “Buck” is creating a stir in and beyond the horse industry as a must-see film this summer. It won a Sundance audience award this year and will open on Friday in New York and Los Angeles, 

Buck Brannaman, a former rodeo perfomer who lived a rough life as a child and used those experiences to help shape him as a horse trainer, was one of the primary people that the lead role in “The Horse Whisperer” was based on. He now conducts clinics across the U.S. featuring his natural horsemanship style to training.

The movie will open June 24 in Charlotte, N.C. I full list of movie openings can be found on the film’s Facebook page. There is also a place where you can request that the film be shown in your area.

The film is receiving several good reviews, including from the Los Angeles Times who wrote, “The film is deeply moving yet never maudlin in telling this hard-knocks-but-hope-infused story.” It got a few not-so-great ones too, such as “much of the movie — too much of it — is just Buck in the corral, riding, working with ropes and flags, conditioning a horse to behave” from the Orlando Sentinel.


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